We made it!

2016 was a doozy for sure. I met so many great people, traveled well, ate well, lost some folks but gained my sanity in the process.

Highlights from 2016

Now that I’ve reflected on the great things that happened in 2016, it’s time to focus on 2017!

This year, I’ve decided to skip the trek to the International Consumer Electronics Show and take a few days to get my brand/business life in order. Let’s call it a self-imposed writing/branding retreat. Wondering where I got this idea from? Check out

Wondering where I got this idea from? Check out this post on the value of a self-imposed writing retreat!

While I won’t be able to be whisked away to a lovely ranch in New Mexico or beachside in Mexico, I think Baltimore is the perfect place to rest, regroup and refocus!

Here’s a quick peek at my to-do list:

keisha's 2017 to do list

Documenting as much as I can during this week using the hashtag, #retreatweek as I set up my new studio, work on some branding documents in the Impact Hub‘s coworking space and just overall self-care as I enter into the new week.

With the refocus of Rise and Grind (new episode this week), creating new opportunities for City Girl Goes Digital and starting new ventures with my personal brand, follow along as I get laser focused on what is to come for the new year!