The ladies at IGGPPC have done it again.



We covered the International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club here before and now as they gear up for their 10th round of pairings, they also have launched a new site! They have optimized for mobile viewing, redesigned the forum from scratch and introduced Achievements (because who doesn’t like a little competition?).  Co- Founder Emily Farquharson (House GlaDOS) talks more on the Achievements below:

We introduced the Achievements functionality to encourage more friendly competition among our members. Achievements include ones for holidays, active posters/bloggers, inter-house competitions, fandom achievements like “Total Whovian” and there are even secret ones hidden around the site!

A bit of background on the IGGPPC community: Members are sorted into Houses, based on age, which are used to organize
pan pal match ups. The houses are named for four famous females in geek culture: Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), Harley Quinn (Batman), GlaDOS (Portal) and Princess Leia (Star Wars). It’s not just about sending letters and forum conversations, members also have the ability to participate in photography contests, a book club and meet ups!

Round 10: Monsters In My Head

Round 10 New Website

Round 10, affectionally called Monsters In My Head kicks off TODAY — January 15th– and I am ecstatic!

So girls and guys (yes, guys are welcome as well!), join in on the pairing, sorting and long-lasting friendships!

You can follow IGGPPC on Twitter @IGGPPCHQ (or search for #IGGPPC) or find them on Facebook.

Happy Sorting!