In case you missed it, last month Hulu announced that it would answer our prayers by offering an “ad-free” viewing option to its service plan.

Hulu’s new “No Commercials” plan that removes advertisements from most of its shows. Ads will still appear on most broadcast channel offering like Scandal and New Girl.

The new plan will cost $11.99 per month. Hulu will still offer its low-cost option at $7.99 that still peppers ads through shows. Just for the #cordcutter comparison, Neither Netflix nor Amazon Prime Video offer ads and vary between $8-9 bucks a month.

My Quick Two Cents:

I miss the old days of the ad-free option on Hulu. I love it for its next day viewing options but I long for content like “The Amazing Race” which it lost streaming right for after Season 23.  I won’t downplay the armor that Hulu brings to the cord cutter arsenal. I just don’t think I can justify increasing my out-of-pocket expense for an ad-free experience. I think I’ll just sit through the ads for the time being.

What do you think? Are you thinking about investing in the ad-free experience? Still on the fence about cutting the cord? Sound off below!