You can usually tell a native Washingtonian by the way they move. From the hustle and bustle of a morning commute to the way, they order carryout.

Btw, it’s “Gimme 5 wings fried hard, fries, extra mumbo sauce; ketchup salt and pepper on the fries!

I finished off my #ThisIs30 month by attending the #UPCFamTour.


For those outside of the blogging world, Familiarization tours, or FAM tours are usually planned by a tourism or PR agency with the goal of getting coverage and promotion through influencers in their respective publications through a first-person experience.

As this was my first (and not the last) FAM tour I experienced in my hometown, I thought I knew it all. I was pleasantly surprised to know – I was wrong!

We started the cloudy but humid day on the grounds of the old convention center at Fruitive! Beyond just cold-pressed juices, Fruitive is a much bigger movement. From plant-based salads, wraps and breakfast items like avocado toasts to a gorgeous library of titles that you can’t put down.

Strawberry Peanut Butter Toast fruitive

Strawberry Peanut Butter Toast

Kalevolution fruitive upcfamtour



From there we headed to the Spy Museum, which surprisingly – I’d never set foot in. The Spy Museum has held it’s home for 14 years and they are more than just a museum. They host interactive camps, birthday parties, and a little-known teacher’s appreciation night that I may or may not heard it was the bee knees. Maybe a hosted private event in the future? I’m working on it! <3 I particularly liked the cyber security exhibit – it’s a must see while there.




It was time to replace some of that energy have been moving through with HipCityVeg.



OMG! This plant based wonder made believers out of all of us – just check out the offerings!


Hip CityVeg‘s mission is embracing healthy bodies, a healthy planet, and compassion for all living things, we bring delicious vegan food to people everywhere.

Next, we trekked over to Telsa Motors where I was able to ask all the questions I wanted about the Model 3, learn about Tesla’s sustainability model and take a drive.


Everyone within earshot of me has asked, so – is Telsa really that great?

Check out the video!

We finished the day at Corepower Yoga (again – destiny!) and we were given a bit of information on the CorePower model and a mini session. The mission of CorePower Yoga is “share our authentic passion for yoga and healthy living to inspire everyone to live their most extraordinary life.”  The first location opened in Grant Street Studio in Denver, CO in 2002 and are now located in 13 different states. Why I loved it? ALL THE SWEAT. Classes are taken in a heated room (similar to Bikram but felt a lot less pushy!) and the music…oh, the music! Just check out the CorePower Yoga playlist on Spotify and let me know what you think.

IMG_2202Best Highlight? I won a free month of classes. Perfect and in line with my goals!


I believe that this tour was a continuous high from my earlier birthday shenanigans. Either way, it was the perfect end to a perfect month!

I want to personally thank MeLisa Zackery from the Unlimited Possibilities Co for the opportunity to attend. It was an awesome event and I look forward to working with you in the future…say Charm City?!

Have you checked out any of these locations or places while in DC? Any standouts? Sound off below!