It’s Day 2 (or 1st Session day) here in sunny Orlando, Florida!

I’m here at BlogHer17, and of course, I’ve gotten the most asked question of the day – what tech should I have on hand?

Now, I’m a conference pro.

I know how to lug my MacBook for on the go edits, my Canon T5 to capture all the antics, step trackers, cell phones, battery packs…the list goes on and on.
Just in case you haven’t boarded your plane yet or need to make a quick Wal-Mart or Amazon Prime order (they deliver to the hotel in 2 HOURS), here’s a quick list of what you need to be #techready for #BlogHer17!

1. Cameras – USE YOUR PHONE.

Most of us walk around with over $600 of professional equipment in our pockets. There are tons of video -editing apps, audio recorders and external flashes you can use while at the conference.
Now, if you want to use that FANCY DSLR, you got for Christmas, who am I to judge? Just be sure to pick up an Eye-Fi SD Card – just in case your camera is not wi-fi enabled.

2. Extra Chargers – Cords – Batteries


Shout out to Lori Luna who held me down last year when my charging cord magically disappeared during the conference. One thing changing up is by using the JanSport Digital Wrap to keep everything wrapped tight!

3. Step Tracker



um, can we say Serena Williams goals? Get those quads in gear and get as many (or as little) steps as you can. Plus, you’re going to need those steps to get through the #BlogHer17’s scavenger hunt. I’ve got my Pebble in tow

4. BlogHer App -If. you have not downloaded that BlogHer17 app and you are:

at the conference;
on your way to the conference;
watching from home;

You need the app!

All that you need to know from sessions to attend, best times to hang with your friends and the latest announcements for the BlogHer team is in the App.

I am having an AWESOME time at #BlogHer17, and I hope I get a chance to see you in Orlando! If you are reading this, We are friends NOW! Don’t say I didn’t put you on!