If you have been out of the Net Neutrality fight since 2014 – grab your Bluetooth keyboards because it’s back on.

Curious about what Net Neutrality is? I’ve got you covered with the 101 right here!

So, where did this all start and why should you care?

John Oliver, of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, revived this issue last week on his show. Video below:

Now Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai has expressed that there are no active attempts to suppress the conversation around Net Neutrality – Oliver took it one step further. Oliver, setting up the site, GoFCCYourself, a URL that makes it incredibly easy bypass the loopholes and takes you right to the comment section.

Wondering what to express? You can say something similar to:

I support strong net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISP’s.

The Process:

confirmation screen gofccyourself

express gofccyourself

information page gofccyourself


submission screen gofccyourself


My stance:
I support an open infrastructure with uninhibited access and privacy.

A girl can only dream but dreams work on action. Let’s get to work!