A few weeks ago, the DC-based automotive press attended the Washington Automotive Press Association’s Rally on the Eastern Shore and it was nothing short of greatness. From the automakers and companies represented (s/o to Steel Market Development Institute) to the beautiful views from the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club, it was truly an awesome day for this tech auto enthusiast.


As this was my first time attending, I had no idea to expect BUT seeing so many familiar faces, 50+ automakers represented and a full day of driving assured me that I was in for a great time.

What I Was Feeling:

The clear contender for my heart was the Toyota Prius Prime which was a shocker. Most people identify the Pruis as a must have for the green lifestyle folks but the Prius Prime blew my mind. My partners in crime for the morning were Holly and Keonté who were just as excited as I was!

img_0151 img_0148


Miles EPA-Estimated Total Driving Range 
EPA-Estimated MPGe 4
EPA-Estimated Combined mpg
Starting at $27,100

I also got a chance to take a ride Honda Accord Hybrid, which is when I learned that I prefer a more “floating on a cloud” ride quality over performance quality. Confused?


Think about the first time you rode on a Go-Kart track (Hey, old track in Clinton, MD!) and the FEEL of the ride. Could you feel every turn or bump? That is more of a performance ride than when you feel nothing…almost like that car isn’t moving – that is a smoother ride quality. To each it’s own!

After a few tours in a few different cars, we took a break for lunch and it was pretty tasty. I didn’t get a chance to ask if it was catered on not but it definitely hit the spot.

wapa rally lunchAfter lunch, I took a spin in the FIAT 124 Spider and I NOW understand the appeal of the drop-top convertible. I GET IT.



Finally, I took a ride through Kent County with Nae and Crystal in the Rolls Royce Dawn. My first thought after stepping in the car was…well, this Instagram video tells it all.


I drove a total of 11 cars, made great connections AND enjoyed great wine from the local winery, Cascia Vineyards.


A list of the automobiles at the event:


I wanted to send a thank you to all the people, sponsors, attendees, manufacturers who made the 2016 WAPA Rally a great time for all of us. It couldn’t have happened on a better day! See you in 2017!