Sometimes being without cable sucks. I miss the music video channels, cooking shows and the live banter on Twitter but thankfully being a part of a huge community that also isn’t tied into the cord makes it easy.

I’ve had my share of antennas but most just didn’t live up to truly living without cable but I think HD Frequency Cable Cutter Aerowave has eliminated that problem.

As you know, I live in a pretty populated part of the Baltimore-DC region so it’s easy to know that sometimes I get completely different channels than the ones in my area. I watch DC and Baltimore news and when I lived further north, I even caught some PA channels. But that came with a caveat. While I enjoy the local news channels and home shopping channels over the air, they sometimes came in fuzzy or even not at all.

That all changed once I received the Cable Cutter Aerowave.

First impressions:

Cord Cutter MiniThe HD Frequency Cable Cutter Aerowave is not hard on the eyes as it sits up on my wall in between two pieces of art. That way, when friends and family come to visit they won’t to ask why those “ugly poles” are poking from behind my TV.


The Cable Cutter Aerowave antenna arrived in a standard box with very simple instructions.

I received:

Antenna, 10′ high-performance coaxial cable (compression connectors), indoor mounting glue dots

The installation was a smooth and simple process for this city girl to mount to get up and running and watching regular television.


Before receiving this antenna, I was using a standard HDTV antenna that I purchased from RadioShack. While that was not the best, it was suitable for my basic news channels and a few obscure movie channels but boy did my channel list improve once I installed the Cable Cutter Aerowave.

With a range of 25 miles, I went from 7 to 30 channels after installation with clear reception for all channels!

Looking for channels you can connect to in your area?  Head over to, add your address and get connected!

Pricing and where to buy:

The HD Frequency Cable Cutter Aerowave is priced at $59 but is currently on special for the Super Bowl Weekend! (Go Seahawks)

You can check out the Cable Cutter Aerowave from HD Frequency on here.

Final thoughts:

After using the Cable Cutter Aerowave antenna for about a month now, I can truly say that this is been the best addition to my cord cutting arsenal!

The Cable Cutter Aerowave is a great antenna for indoor use and if you live in apartment or condo. I’ve been able to watch local traffic, catch Spanish channels that I forgot existed and even catch some good B movies (S/O to BOUNCE TV). It’s perfect for those concrete walls and times when you wouldn’t necessarily get much reception.

If you need an outdoor option, HD Frequency has multiple antennas on their website. While I do get interference from time to time (I blame my other electronics), I would highly recommend this antenna to urban dwellers and anyone who needs a pristine indoor option for their cable cutting needs!

Cable Cutter Aerowave: 3/4

Have you had any luck increasing your channel count since cutting the cable?

Do you still have the rabbit ear antenna? GET RID OF IT! 

What made you make the switch?

Sound off below!

FYI: HD Frequency sent the Cable Cutter Aerowave over for review purposes. All opinions are my own!