Who says girls don’t want to build and have an interest in construction toys?

This week, GoldieBlox set the tone that once again, ____ toys aren’t just for boys!

goldieblox ad

Here’s a little backstory on GoldieBlox.

About GoldieBlox

GoldieBlox first appeared in 2012 when founder Debbie Sterling launched a Kickstarter campaign for the production of GoldieBlox, a construction toy + book series starring Goldie.

GoldieBlox ad

Source: GoldieBlox


Goldie is an ambitious young inventor who loves to build and is aided in her adventures by friends and animals alike. The project reached its first goal of $150,000 in 5 days and went on to raise a total of $285,881 with 5,519 backers by October 2012.

After a highly publicized battle with the Beastie Boys over use of a modified version of their song “Girls”, the GoldieBlox team broke the mold with a 30-second commercial spot during Superbowl XLVIII. They beat out over 20k applicants in a contest sponsored by Inuit.

New Video

The new video titled “This is Your Brain on Engineering” is full of girl power and what young girls can learn when they aren’t stuck in “princess” mode. It is also full of statistics and sobering information such as how girls lose confidence in math and science by age 7 and how half of young women are unhappy with their bodies by age 13.

But we all knew that…right? Check out Miss Representation and let’s chat about that later.

The new ad also plays on the Drug-Free America “This Is Your Brain ” PSA’s of the 80’s. Remember those?

In the company’s words, they aim to “disrupt the pink aisle.” The pink aisle refers to the color of the toy aisle or area where most items geared towards girls are sold.

I stand behind that completely. It’s a step towards changing the marketing of gendered toys to children and breaking up cultural norms.

If I could change ONE thing, it would be the diversity of characters but with the introduction of Ruby in the second expansion, I’m sure there are many more characters to come.

GoldieBlox is available online and nationwide at Target and Toys R Us.

Have you had a chance to try GoldieBlox yet? Thinking about picking one up for someone close to you?

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