*Guess which post decided not to publish on a holiday? Well here it is!*

For this Wednesday, I want to send a quick shout out to the Veterans who serve and continue to serve on Veteran’s Day. Thank you for you service.

I wanted to take this Wednesday to do quick Not Quite Wordless Wednesday into a quick highlight of the perfect Girls Night Out: BonChon Chicken.

A few friends of mine held a long overdue night out at the BonChon Chicken in Ellicott City, Maryland. It was a first time trip for me and BOY, I was in awe!

The food was amazing, service didn’t disappoint and we stayed up way past our bedtime. (Right, Erin?)

bonchon sign

over the door
 It was interesting to see the love for hip-hop. There were three large-sized posters on the wall; one of Jay-Z, Little Wayne and Kanye West.

Bonchon Chicken

These wings…OH THESE WINGS! When you place your order for BonChon Chicken, you can order them as wings, Drumsticks (not party drummies) and/or strips! The chicken comes in two different flavors: Soy Garlic and Spicy. Soy Garlic can be considered mild and spicy is SPICY.

They make the spicy sauce from spicy chili peppers that is “dried and ground up into the sweet and smoky spice Koreans call “gochugaru“ (literally ‘pepper powder’).” The Soy Garlic glaze borders the sweet/spicy line but subtle enough for you to enjoy the chicken.

Don’t forget the pickled radish! It adds a nice dimension and flavor as you enjoy the chicken which is double-fried without overly drying out the chicken and still packing a good crunch!

BonChon also has traditional Korean dishes such as Bibimbap, seafood pancake, and delicious kimchi.

In addition to the delicious food, there is also a food bar and beers on tap (Sapporo, anyone?)

bonchon menu

Here’s a quick clip that sums up our ENTIRE experience at Bonchon Chicken!

Have you visited a BonChon Chicken or had Korean style fried chicken before? Sound off below!