Geeky Halloween 2012

We all know that Halloween is for the children grown folks who need a moment to relive their childhood. While I hid from the little goblins and ghouls until about 10 pm, many of us adults partied until the wee hours of the morning the weekend before.

With most of the East Coast still reeling from Hurricane Sandy, I wanted to bring some slight relief to some of my readers and showcase some of the BEST Geeky Halloween costumes I saw floating along the web. So, here we go!

1. We can never get enough cats pics…at least, I can’t!
webstart women Mac OS X Lion(Credit: WebStartWomen/Codagogy)

2. A play on the groan inducing 404 page!

(Credit: Slworking2)

3. Ode to Android: I give credit where credit is due. This gentleman scared the life out of me until I really figured out who he was!

man dressed in costume as the andriod logo

4. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a HUGE Doctor Who fan. This costume of Ood(Oodkin) is knitted and very necessary.

oodkin character from Doctor Who


5. No Halloween would be complete with the presence of Sir Harry Potter. Although, I have not fully recovered from the death of Dobby, I will pay homage to his adopted master.

picture of harry potter halloween


(Credit: Geekyartistlibrarian)

On a more responsible note, on of my FAVORITE vloggers Chesca did a video on costume fails. Check out her video on what NOT to do for next Halloween.


Did you see any awesome geeky Halloween costumes? Are you ready for your next Comic-con? (I’m not)

Let us know below!