seoul spa

I debated on whether or not I would feature this hidden gem because honestly it is one of a kind! I absolutely love Seoul Spa and in the spirit of New Year, New Me  2016, I figured that I would share the wonders of this Baltimore hidden gem: Seoul Spa.

I recently discovered Seoul Spa in May 2015 during a quick impromptu trip during my birthday. It was an epic weekend filled with wine festivals and an English tea breakfast But I have to say, Seoul Spa was the highlight of the weekend. I went back with Mea and some good girlfriends for a relaxing day of self-care. Well worth the trip.

seoul spa entrance

Seoul Spa is a derivative of a Jimjilbang, a 24-hour bathhouse with different rooms (hot and cold) separated by gender.

Disclaimer: I had never been to a Korean style spa or much less a spa EVER before but, my life was completely changed.

Tucked away behind Security Square mall (the vacant section) was a microcosm of culture. There are churches, cell phone repair shops, karaoke and even a billiards spot in the same area.

But, it did give me The Walking Dead vibes.

I’m only assuming that, I’ve never watched the show.   🙄

With only $30 bucks for admission, you have access to a traditional Korean Jimjilbang experience without ever leaving the country.

seoul spa lockers


Keeping with tradition, the spa is separated by gender/sex until you get to the co-ed sauna(poultice) rooms.

In the (Wet areas) there is a steam sauna and regular sauna, two large soaking tubs (one regular and one herb infused), multiple showers and sit down washing stations. You can bring your own pair of separate clean slippers if you prefer not to walk around barefoot (I saw a lady constantly cleaning the areas I was in, so it wasn’t a factor for me.)

In the co-ed area, there are 4-5 dry saunas called poultice rooms. Each room is constructed with some type of mineral or jewel (Terracotta, Charcoal, Clay, Pink Himalayan salt, and Jewel) designed for healing properties. A ice/cold room, massage chairs ($2 for 10 minutes) and a traditional sleeping room are also available at the location.


Seoul Spa Tips:

Two things folks are surprised at: Clothing is NOT optional in the same-sex areas (but it’s something you get used to quickly) and they recommend you lock up cell phones – just to truly relax.


If you get a service, bring a tip. These ladies worked HARD. There are no ATM’s on site.

Bring a large extra towel. They give you two, but they are kitchen size.
You will be naked. Embrace it.
Ease onto the scrub/massage tables. They are slippery.
Don’t come with a fresh hairstyle, you may regret it.
Take out any facial jewelry. You don’t want to lose it.
Buy a dry face mask and scrub gloves from your local Asian market if you are on a budget.
Get ready to walk: Escalators don’t work in the building.


There is a restaurant at this location in case you want a meal after you finish your day at Seoul Spa. I didn’t check out the restaurant because H Mart is right down the street. It’s one of my favorites in the Hanoori Town shopping center.

Have you ever been to a non-traditional spa or relaxation center? What was your experience? Sound off below!