On May 9th – I set intentions on what I wanted this next decade to look like. I didn’t want anything extravagant or loads of money showered on me.

From the surprise murder mystery dinner, yoga, CRABS, road trips and a group hike, I couldn’t have brought this newest decade in any grander!

group shot

I just wanted the day to come and be filled with love and good vibes. I got that and so much more.

Now, I know you are asking… where’s the list?

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to enter into my 30’s. Should I skydive? Should I move to another country?

I created a bucket list, #thisis30.

The List – #thisis30

1. Take a Hike.


2. Group Outdoors Picture


3. Adult Roadtrip (in the works)
4. Keynote a conference where I can empower and inspire!
5. Meet Ava DuVernay. (Pics or it didn’t happen) (Note: She did speak at #BlogHer15)
6. Compete in a swimming competition (Fun fact: I was a championship swimmer back in the day – working to get back to that!)
7. Be published in print for my work (Momma, I made it!)
8. Technology related TV appearance
9. Influencer -sponsored trip
10. Ride on a motorcycle (I was SO close about a week ago)
11.Write a book (working on the draft now!)
12.Volunteer each month with different organizations
13. Finish a 5K & 10K in the same year

Along with the bucket list – I’ve committed to fully revamping my health. One of my largest goals was to lose 30 pounds this year and I did it!



I can’t tell you how good it felt to slide on a pair of Old Navy jeans! I haven’t been able to shop there since HS.


I know this road may be a long one and it may take me 50 years to knock it all off my bucket list, but it’s happening!

I appreciate all the love, hugs, cards, gifts, ay-yooo’s, impromptu singing and dancing that life has to bring. 30 and beyond, I’m ready!