back to school


It’s that time of the year again.

From mad dashes through Wal-Mart for the best deals to printing out class schedules to get educational discounts on new computers ( you know that’s a THING, right?).

Now this post won’t cover what computer  to buy or what classes you need to take. It’s an overview of the things people tend to forget when prepping for college.

Don’t worry, I got ya covered!

Are you ready for Back To School?


On the Move:

While Evernote is not a physical product, it is a MUST for taking notes in class, sharing those notes with your study group and accessing them across all of your devices. It’s available for your smartphone, tablet and can be accessed on your desktop.

There’s no reason not to share those notes…don’t be greedy!


Strike a Pose:

Remember the Vitamin C song “Graduation Day“? It’s one of those sentimental songs that makes you think of all the “good times” you had while in school. Now I know that most, if not all smartphones have cameras now but don’t let that stop you from investing in a great camera. I’m loving my Canon T3i BUT I’m hoping to convert over to the Samsung NX300  (Hey Samsung!) soon.

You’ll thank me later.


Back that Thang up:

It is imperative that you get a good external hard drive because you never want to feel the pain of your computer crashing at 2am when you have a paper due at 9am. With no way of retrieving it…trust me.

To prevent this, I recommend you save your files in the cloud (Dropbox/Google Drive) AND a external hard drive that is stationary. Hard drives have evolved in the last few years but they are still sensitive to drops and falls.

I have had the best experience with the Seagate 2 TB External hard drive. 2TB is a good amount of space that is sure to last you your entire college career.


Silence is Golden:

My second semester of college was awesome because of my lovely roommate, Xio. Like clockwork we went to dinner together (I didn’t get up early enough for breakfast), made sure the rest of the crew knew what the plans were for the day and even synchronized naps– Naps were a BIG deal.

One thing she hip me to was earphones in the TV. It was truly one of the best creations ever and allowed us to watch TV without disturbing one another. Now I’m sure she had some raggedy beat up pair (which she probably has now, THROW THEM AWAY), but right now I recommend you get a good pair!

Sennheiser CX 215 Earphones

I’m eyeing the Sennheiser CX 215. As a long time time fan of the Sennheiser brand because of its sound quality and warranty, I would love to get my hands on a pair of these headphones for the new season.

Is this list missing something or have you found a product that you LOVE? I’m curious to know…sound off below!