Every modern girl needs a break from the rat race of the big city. For those of us that travel frequently for business, we often need quick trips to unwind and reboot. Hawaii is my part time home and my preferred location for a retreat. During my visit earlier this month, I had the pleasure of staying at the Embassy Suites Waikiki which reduced my technology usage. The views were so beautiful from my room, I sat on my wrap-around balcony and took it all in without feeling the need to log on.

Embassy Suites Hawaii gadgets

When it came time for meals, I didn’t need to worry because breakfast was a part of my package. As the sun set and dinnertime crept upon us- the hotel had several restaurants on the property such as The Yard House and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. I even didn’t access my YELP app on my Note 4 as much during my 18-day visit on the island because of the convenience of staying on this property.

Embassy Suites food

Technology is not something I can leave behind due to my extended stays. Today, we are going to discuss the 5 gadgets you need on your next Hawaiian adventure.


headphones gadgets hawaii
I generally bring two pairs of headphones. One is my noise canceling Velodyne headphones for the airplane ride, and the other is a pair of earbuds for the beach. Regardless if you are on the sands of Waikiki, or the subway in New York- headphones are a must.

Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Release Date September 1, 2015)

Listen… I am team Android all the way. Not only for the phone capabilities but mainly for the camera features. My instant Instagram pictures are always a hit when using my Note 4. People always think I am using a professional grade camera but 90% of the time it’s from my phone. Additionally, it much lighter to carry than my DSLR. Lastly, don’t forget your apps. YELP is my personal favorite whenever I am on one of my many adventures.

Portable charger

These things are like magic and will come in handy when you’re at the beach all day away from an electrical outlet.

DSLR Camera (Nikon D3300)

No, you don’t need this specific model but it is the latest and greatest and quite a few people have it. Even though I own this model, I actually left it at home on this trip because I travel to Hawaii often. However, for the average person feel free to bring a professional camera because there will be so many spectacular things to see and capture. I love my Nikon and bring it to all my press events.

Laptop/ Tablet

If you are staying longer than 2 weeks, take a laptop. Anything under that, bring a tablet. Some places need research, reservations, will call tickets, etc. People can run their whole life from a smartphone, but if you are like me you need something much bigger. I never take my laptop to the beach, nor am I on it more than an hour a day unless I am working on my book. If you are only in town for a weekend, leave it at home. If staying at a hotel like the Embassy Suites, there will be a business center complete with computers for you to access.

Here’re the five gadgets you need for your trip to Hawaii and I listed them in order of importance.

I hope this helps and wish you a relaxing trip!

This article was written by Kitty Bradshaw | Website | Instagram | FaceBook | Twitter