Over $500K for Women in STEM Through Cards Against Humanity Scholarship

I’m a HUGE fan of Cards Against Humanity, the popular card game that you should never play in front of grandma. If you’ve been a fan of the game for a while, you’re familiar with the company’s charitable side. Earlier this year, they released the Science Pack which is one of the many expansion packs they offer with a twist. This expansion pack directly funds the Science Ambassador Scholarship. Currently, all profits from the science pack have raised over $500,00.

Cards Against Humanity Scholarship

The Science Ambassador Scholarship is a full tuition scholarship for a woman seeking an undergraduate degree in science, engineering, or math, funded by Cards Against Humanity. To enter the running for the scholarship, you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, in an undergraduate program (full-time) for the 2016-2017 academic year and submit a video along with your application.

“We decided to accept video applications because we want women’s passion for science to be publicly visible,” Bane said. “We’re looking for creative, excited candidates who can’t wait to talk about science – the production quality doesn’t matter.”

For more information on how the scholarship is judged (panel of women in STEM) and additional information, check out the website here.


T-Mobile: You Can Now Stream Without Using Data #BingeOn


T-Mobile dropped a bomb on our left coast (best coast, they say) by way of Un Carrier-X and #BingeOn

Here’s a list of partners that are participating in the stream deal:

AT&T’s DirecTV, Crackle, Duopoly, Encore, ESPN, Fox Sports, Fox Sports Go, HBO Now, HBO Go, Hulu, MLB, Movieplex, NBC Sports, Netflix, Sling TV, Sling Box, SHOWTIME, STARZ, T-Mobile TV, Univision Deportes, Ustream, Vessel, Vevo, VUDU, and Verizon’s Go90.

Check out the announcement video below!

Are you excited about this new venture with T-Mobile? T-Mobile customer? Sound off below!

BonChon Chicken: The Best Girls Night Out!


*Guess which post decided not to publish on a holiday? Well here it is!*

For this Wednesday, I want to send a quick shout out to the Veterans who serve and continue to serve on Veteran’s Day. Thank you for you service.

I wanted to take this Wednesday to do quick Not Quite Wordless Wednesday into a quick highlight of the perfect Girls Night Out: BonChon Chicken.

A few friends of mine held a long overdue night out at the BonChon Chicken in Ellicott City, Maryland. It was a first time trip for me and BOY, I was in awe!


4 Must-Haves for the Ultimate Connected Home (or Apartment)

Today, we all love to be constantly connected.

At least, I do! I’ve been on a quest this year to create a truly SMART apartment and it’s been slow and steady. One of the things that is attractive about Home Automation (or the Connected Home) is that you can monitor different features in your home, protect your valuables and even help conserve your energy.

Long gone are the days when the only glimpse at Home Automation was in an appropriately titled Disney Movie “Smart House“. (If you missed Disney in the 99 and 00’s, you missed out.)


With the holidays just waving at us over the horizon, I want to make sure you get these items on your holiday list to help tech out your house.


Check out my 4 Must-Haves for the Ultimate Connected Home (or Apartment)


Girl Gamers Unite: research shows Women own more gaming consoles 

girl gamers beyonce

Girl Gamers Unite!

Last week, the Pew Research Center dropped the biggest nerd bomb of epic proportions. Over 40% of the adults in America polled owned a console like a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One in their households. The *spoiler alert* in the report is that women were more likely to own a console than men with 42% of women compared to 37% of men. That’s HUGE.

One of the biggest things to note is that although this research trends towards women owning more consoles than men, we all know that gaming consoles are traditionally a family item shared in the household. Essentially they can be claimed by all members in the household.


It does speak to women being more involved in the gaming industry. We love Minecraft, WOW(World of Warcraft) and various other indie titles. It’s not just a guy dominated industry any longer.

YouTube Gamers

There are TONS of YouTube channels dedicated to women gamers and gameplay. Looking for a new channel to watch?

Here’s a few of my favorite women on YouTube in the Gaming community!




So what’s the story? Any girl gamers in your household? Which console/platform do you like to play on?

Sound off below!


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