5 Picks for a Halloween ‘Netflix and Chill’ Date

netflix and chill

The internet has been going crazy with the whole idea of ‘Netflix and Chill’ started earlier this summer. Now, I’m not too new to the game to remember the days of “Be Kind, Rewind” or even hop from movie to movie in an all day viewing fest at your local theater. Fall is upon us and the times of lounging on the couch are here. Looking to kick off the Halloween season right with a horror fest? Here’s my picks for five movies you can check out RIGHT NOW and get planning on your Netflix and Chill night!


Queue Check: New on Netflix for October

prnetflixIt’s that time of the month when you start to see things leave your Netflix queue for the month. Which titles are you looking forward to and which are you sad to see leaving the service? Wondering if any of your favorites are coming or going?

Check out the list below!

Note: Horror/Halloween/Sci-Fi themed items will be in ORANGE!


You Can’t Sit With Us: Peeple, Yelp-Like and Controversial!

peepleLet’s head back to high school. Do you remember the hierarchy that occurred between classes? The smart kids, the popular kids, the jocks, jerks, kids who didn’t quite fit in, you get my drift. Now imagine if you could rate them based on their experiences with you. Imagine those ratings possibly become public? That’s Peeple. It’s being called Yelp for People and its scheduled to go live in November.


Video Broadcasting 101: Blab vs. Periscope + Join Me!

Video broadcasting has been around for as long as webcams have been able to connect you with grandma around Christmas. From watching the latest football games that someone is streaming online to attending a sold-out conference halfway around the world, Video broadcasting opens up doors to worlds that people would never imagine they could visit.

Periscope has been the latest craze amongst bloggers in the social media arena, but Blab.im (Blab for the cool folks) is catching up quickly.  Are you trying to figure out what video broadcasting system would work best for you and your audience? Stay tuned!


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